Live online DAX Functions Course for business

The most powerful time-saving functions

Course Duration

12 Hours

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The Remote DAX functions course was built especially for experienced users of the Power Pivot tool in Excel. There is a great wealth of powerful DAX functions that are unfamiliar to most users. Proper use of these powerful tools will allow users to perform a variety of sophisticated processing operations on the data that would otherwise not be possible or would be cumbersome and difficult to perform. Ultimately, these actions will help users to extract valuable and otherwise invisible information from the data for smarter business decisions. In the course we will teach you exactly how to turn this ability into a real business intelligence tool in management.

Who is it for?

DAX Function course is intended for Power Pivot users Who want to upgrade their skill


proficiency in using  Power Pivot and Excel formulas


  • The multidimensional data model
  • Building the data model within it creates the DAX formulas
  • The structure of the functions
  • Understanding the syntax of the commands and contexts of the formula
  • Calculated Columns
  • Column-type formulas are calculated for parsing data in rows
  • Calculated Fields
  • Field formulas are calculated to study the table data
  • Indices
  • Creating formulas in calculation areas
  • Operators and fixed in the formula
  • Use special characters to refine the formula
  • Format
  • Text formulas of all kinds
  • The “context” formulas
  • Row Context and Filter Context
  • Related
  • Formulas for locating data
  • X functions
  • X functions
  • Filter
  • Complex formulas that run on whole tables
  • Time management
  • Formulas for calculating and comparing dates

The list of topics above is partial and only an outline. A full and detailed syllabus will be sent as part of a bespoke proposal that will be tailored to your organization and your requests.

What is Live Online training?​

In live online training, instructors connect with a group of participants in an interactive virtual learning space that includes screen sharing, and other digital aids.

The way in which training is delivered has evolved considerably in the last few years. Businesses have realized the benefits and flexibility of online training, allowing employees to participate from any country or location, be it their home, office, or meeting room.

To be effective, Live Online training needs to be meticulously designed to be practical and personalized, and based around the roles, workloads and skill levels of the staff being trained. Additionally, they must make the most of the tools available for remote learning.

Our Live Online trainers understand how to construct and deliver interactive trainings that function as a workshop, and not as a lecture, so the trainees get a practical, professional and effective learning experience. Sharing the trainees screen ensures the skills being taught are being successfully applied, and the chat box allows questions to be asked without disrupting the lesson, and for answer to be provided immediately.

How does it work?​

As each organization is different, and your organization has its own specific need and requirements, the first step is for us to get more acquainted. We invite you to complete our specially created contact form to help us understand more about your company.

The next step is to arrange and conduct a free consultation on Zoom where we dive into the specifics or your requirements and understand exactly what would be the best course structure that should be developed for you.

During the consultation we construct together the scope and duration of the trainings, and what targets you would like to achieve. Based on this information we will send you a personalized price quote for the training.

After approval of the quote, we will choose together convenient dates for the classes, and we will conduct a TNA (training needs analysis). This will allow us to organize the classes into homogenous groups and pinpoint the specific missing skills that need to be addressed.

The first hour of the course is usually dedicated to creating a common baseline for the students, to bridge any gaps in the skill levels.

After the course has completed, we offer ongoing support for the course graduates to help them fully assimilate their new knowledge and skills within their job.

What are bespoke courses?​

Bespoke trainings are tailor made trainings to specifically fit the needs and requirements of any company or organization. This is based on the skill levels and job requirements of the employees.

Why Should I Consider Bespoke Training?

Bespoke training are courses specially created to fit the requirements of your organization and are a highly valuable resource for your employees. Courses are structure around the skill levels and occupational needs of your business. Since the training has been built for your company, it saves the money, time and effort that otherwise would be spent on designing and conducting an in-house training course yourself.

Each employee is different, coming with a different skill set and each learning in a different way. Generic classes or traditional courses are not created with the employees in mind and may not be the best option for your company. Customized trainings that fit your organization’s specific needs provide a more effective platform for improving employee’s skill sets.